Jeep’s New Pickup Truck for 2017

The Comanche

The Comanche, a pickup truck based on the XJ Cherokee, last graced showrooms in ’92. Later, in ’05, there was the Gladiator concept, but cool as it was, it never made it to the assembly line. While Jeep hasn’t tried to get back into the pickup market, it turns out the idea hadn’t actually disappeared as much as it was put on the back burner, and it’s looking like the 2017 attempt at a pickup truck will have been worth the wait.

The truck, which hits showrooms soon (and highways and wilderness trails shortly after) will be based on the Wrangler platform and, as you would expect, will combine all the things you like best about Jeeps with the practical utility of a pickup truck.

The Comanche

The next-gen Wrangler (and, thus, the new pickup), will feature an aluminum-intensive body on frame construction. This should help some with the fuel efficiency while still providing the rugged durability you expect from a Jeep. Further enhancing fuel economy, there is speculation that Jeep will also release a diesel and/or hybrid variety of the new Wrangler. If they do, in all likelihood these options will be available for the initial 2017 release.

There may also be a possibility that Jeep will produce the Wrangler pickups with a four-cylinder option. While the idea of a 4-cylinder Jeep might rub purists the wrong way, drivers won’t miss anything when it comes to power. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine is expected to push out 300 hp – more than the standard V6 in today’s Jeep Wrangler (285 hp). All the power, all the durability, all the excitement, plus you get to save a little on gas. For many, it’s a “can’t miss” option.

The Comanche

If you’ve been deciding between a Jeep and a pickup truck, you’ll soon be able to have the best of both worlds. The 2017 Jeep Wrangler pickup truck will scratch both itches at once, giving you all the off-road capability you expect in a Jeep and combining it with a functional pickup truck.

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