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Whether you want to learn more about OEM Jeep parts or are shopping for an AEV Jeep upgrade package, we have something for you at Daytona Dodge, and we’ve even got special events planned with our Waves Jeep Club if you want some friends to hit the trails with. With our vast selection of MOPAR and AEV parts, we can customize your Wrangler or other Jeep to do practically anything, but here’s a quick look at some favorites.

All-Terrain / Mud-Terrain Tires

Not all tires are created equal, and heading off-road with the wrong set of wheels could leave you stuck. We have what it takes to let you head out on weekend adventures and trust your Jeep to bring you back home, including

  • 33-inch All-Terrain Tires
  • 35-inch All-Terrain / Mud-Terrain Tires
  • 37-inch All-Terrain / Mud-Terrain Tires

Pair your upgraded tires with a tire carrier – just in case – to feel confident trekking into the mud and putting your Jeep to work.

Lift Kits

We can’t deny that there’s an appeal to riding tall, but Jeep drivers know there’s more to lift kits than the look and feel. If you’re looking to upgrade your wheels, you’ll want to lift your Jeep up as well to help increase ground clearance and avoid any surprises in the mud. And we have options, of course:

  • AEV 2.0-inch Spacer Lift
  • MOPAR 2-inch Suspension Lift
  • MOPAR 4-inch Suspension Lift

Daytona’s Garage Specialties

We’ve earned our reputation as Daytona’s Garage and even give you an interactive vehicle customization planner so you can get an idea of what your Jeep will look like. It’s a reputation we’re proud of, and we have exclusive Daytona’s Garage badging and accessories – as well as serialized build sheets so you can show off exactly what you’ve done to upgrade your Jeep.

If you don’t know why so many area drivers proudly wear that Daytona’s Garage badging on their vehicle, schedule your appointment with our specialists and find out firsthand.

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